We think big and aim high. Making ideas, a reality.

Collum Entertainment consists of a team of experienced and forward thinking music managers, talent agents, A&R executives and creatives.

Over the past years, Collum has changed beyond recognition and continues to develop and change at an increasing speed. Our team pride themselves on their remarkable reputation at guiding their client’s careers beyond what other companies and professionals believe possible.

The team, comprising of leaders in their field, work across a range of entertainment and media sectors, making Collum uniquely placed to assist client’s grow and develop their brand, talent and creativity.

Our relationships, knowledge and reputation in the industry allow us to launch, sustain and enhance the careers of our clients. The team are transparent, efficient and most importantly, approachable and friendly. Collum Entertainment is not a team of faceless professionals, but a team of open-minded, passionate, dedicated and driven specialists. Our approach is team-orientated, working with others to achieve great results. In all we do, we remember that, we represent our client’s.

Collum takes a strategic and proven approach towards sustainable careers for our client’s, making us unrivalled in all we do. 


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